Concept Development


Help people find their friends at festivals



Tinderbox is a festival located in Odense, Denmark, held for the first time in June 2015. Being perceived as a clean and safe festival, it targets a niche audience of people who prefer a lighthearted, cozy atmosphere.


"Come up with a digital solution that can help participants at the festival communicate and interact with other festival goers. Extra points if Tinderbox gets a palpable benefit out of it."


Problem area: getting lost from your friends during the festival increases the stress levels and the anxiety of people, ruining the whole experience. Having this in mind, we created a concept for an app which would allow you and your friends to see each other's location.

B2C - Increase the safety and reduce the stress of not finding your friends at a festival.

B2B - Provide statistical data for Tinderbox, including heat mapping of mob movement, which in turn can help the security teams, the festival layout organizers etc.

  • Researched if the idea is feasible.
  • Business development - Business Model Canvas
  • Concept UI
  • Prototype


Storytelling Video

Not yet implemented

A video campaign showing people being reunited with their loved ones, triggering an emotional response in the viewer.

The short movie should highlight the contrast of the facial expression and mood while looking for their loved ones and the powerful joy and happiness when reuniting with the them. All of these will be accompanied by keywords such as “Friendship”, “Family”, “Friends” etc.

At the end of the movie there will be a hashtag, encouraging people to share their own moments of reunion.

This would expand the campaign to social media and make it interactive.

Game Design

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