Help people to easily share their memories through engaging live videos



Cynny has started as a cloud media sharing service and gradually moved towards the entertainment social media industry.

When I joined there was only a team of 10 people. Meanwhile the company has grown at 50+ and keeps on thriving.


Instant Video
Cynny helps you record your best moments and share them in real time. Your media will be automatically transformed in a movie viewable via browser.

Built upon Instant Video, Morphcast is a new type of media, which adds the value of real time emotional response,  by changing and reacting to the emotions of the viewer.

My input

For the past 3 years working for Cynny I had contributed in a variety of design tasks, from stationary all the way to prototyping:

Cynny - Emoticons

Main tasks

  • User Interface and User Experience for the iOS platform.
  • User Interface for the Cynny Web App.
  • Take part in Brainstorming sessions, where the magic happens.
  • Eat, Sleep, Prototype, Repeat.

Early tasks

  • Helped in defining the brand guidelines.
  • User Interface and User Experience for the Android platform.
  • Very very early design concepts.


Make the main features of the app as easily accessible as possible.

Researching existing apps and current trends, we decided to use as fewer Tap actions as possible and focus on Swiping. This led to the following behaviour:

Facilitate the reorder of the media inside the Timeline.

Add a “Drop zone” where the users can keep the files while freely scrolling through the Timeline.

Cynny illustration

The past 3 years I have been working for Cynny shaped me into a more organised and open-minded person. Willing to adapt, to drop ideas half way through the process, to work in an ever-changing team are just parts of everyday in my professional life.

Motion Graphics

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