Motion Graphics, Storytelling


Help people understand how I think

FLOW is a personal project meant to highlight my workflow by using graphical metaphors of the steps I take in the development of a product.


Not a very long time ago, three warriors were waiting for their fate. Will they be fit enough to endure the trials or will they end up perishing into the unknown?

One, the wisest. He knew what awaits, he has been here before. Nothing can awe him anymore.

Two, the youngest. Pacing nervously, eager to prove himself, yet scared of the future.

Three, the boldest. Daring, yet careless, he always wants to be the first, regardless of the consequences.

Unaware of what is ahead, Three is waiting eagerly on the edge of their cell. Whirls, twirls, blobbing sounds. Soon it begins. Before he knew, he is falling into the machine which will decide his fortune.

REJECTED! All hopes and dreams, demolished in a moment as he falls towards his demise. Two hears the screams and is now hesitating. A cake appears. Young and foolish, he dashes for the treat, only to see himself falling into the same machine, which had Three removed from existence. Luckily, he is chosen and sent to the trials.

Test after test, Two helps refining and sorting concepts, which are loved by people and keeps on doing it to this day.


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