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Four friends adventuring for the first time in the mystical land of fantasy board games. Lightmare is a table-top game which takes place in the land of Corthyel, an island on Lysphera. The whole action is based on an original story developed by us. It features 8 main protagonists, some fighting to save the land whilst others only seeking the ultimate power.

The gameplay

The game is a turn-based strategy RPG, where each player can choose one of the 8 unique characters and advance through the game by acquiring quests, defeating enemies, unlocking abilities and collecting weapons and armors.

It revolves around a reactionary based combat system in which all players try to counter and outwit the opponent. Every turn will count and every decision can swing the outcome of the game.

As players progress through the 4 different zones of Corthyel, the monster difficulty increases and their mechanics become more challenging to play against.

Throughout the game, the players will experience the vastly rich lore and all the mysteries the land of Corthyel has managed to keep secret for all this time.


My input

  • Coordinate the Art direction
  • Prototype
  • Card design

Future tasks

     ☐   Manage the Kickstarter campaign
     ☐   Coordinate the production
Coordinate the distribution


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