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Restroom Laboratory

Help people be fully immersed into the conference's theme


Factory of Imagination is an inspirational and creative event that will spark your imagination and open your eyes for things you haven’t noticed before.

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"The challenge is to transform typical conference elements into an unusual “mad scientist” style, in a clever and mind-bending - non-obvious - non-clichéd way.

Practical effects, scientific effects, and “real world” tactile objects are preferred over digital solutions.

There will be no WiFi coverage and mobile devices may be turned off. Therefore any “digital”-inspired solutions should be transitioned into the real world."


During one of the brainstorming sessions, we came to realize that the toilets are most of the time overlooked when it comes to organizing an event. They are taken for granted as just being a necessity.

We wanted to change that. We wanted the visitors to be constantly immersed into the theme of the conference.

Through storytelling we have transformed the restrooms into laboratories. A mad scientist, playing with the laws of nature.

From the hidden messages, to covering all walls in brown paper, we have added enough details to be discovered by a curious mind, yet not enough to easily guess what was the scientist up to, keeping a veil of mystery and intrigue.


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